As the nation's economy has declined during the past decade, many stakeholders - from business leaders to legislators - have asked the university to serve as a catalyst for economic development. This new paradigm embraces the cultural, financial, technological and social aspects of economic development at both the macro and micro levels.

Central to this new paradigm is the fact that creativity and knowledge are increasingly recognized as powerful engines driving economic growth and industries in the global marketplace. To that end, the goal of the 2015 SEC Symposium is to explore the university's role in preparing individuals to be creative, innovative and entrepreneurial thinkers and to evaluate the ways in which universities serve as drivers of economic development.

This academic conference-type event will bring together researchers, scholars, administrators, and students to explore the diverse roles and approaches for development, maintenance and expansion of the future economy. It will feature formal presentations from individuals with a range of perspectives, panel discussions, creative works exhibitions and student performances.

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