SEC Symposium student attendees had the opportunity to learn more about graduate school programs at SEC universities during an evening mixer on Sunday, September 20, 2015. The students-only event was in the Embassy Hall in the International Tower (Exhibit Level LL2) of the Hyatt Regency Atlanta at 6:30 pm. Students also attended a panel discussion with graduate school administrators from several SEC universities.


Each SEC university selected two students from its institution, one provided a visual work and one an applied work, to showcase their creativity during an exhibition in the Embassy Hall in the International Tower (Exhibit Level LL2) of the Hyatt Regency Atlanta on Monday, September 21, 2015 during the SEC Presidents, Chancellors and Provosts Reception. Exhibits included designs, drawings, sculptures, blueprints, etc.


Student musicians from all SEC universities provided entertainment for the SEC Presidents, Chancellors and Provosts Reception on Monday, September 20, 2015. The makeup of the ensemble paid homage to the SEC marching band tradition as well as showcase the strength of the performance arts at SEC universities.

2015 SEC Symposium Student Entrepreneurial Pitch Competition

Teams of students from every SEC university took part in an entrepreneurial pitch competition on Monday, September 21, 2015. Teams presented their innovative ideas to a panel of high profile, SEC alumni judges, and the winners were announced before the SEC Symposium concluded.

Watch the 2015 SEC Symposium Student Entrepreneurial Pitch Competition

Entrepreneurial Pitch Competition Winners

First Place
Brandon Sweeney and Blake Teipel (Texas A&M University)

Second Place
Seth Shumate and Matthew Young (University of Arkansas)

Third Place
John Born, Dustin Giltnane and Jake Rheude (University of Tennessee)

Listed below were the SEC alumni judges for the entrepreneurial pitch competition
  • Edward Birchfield, Jr., Partner, TechCXO (Auburn University)
  • Fred Carl, Jr., Chairman, President and CEO, Viking Range Corporation (Mississippi State University)
  • Brad Courts, Vice President and Director, Atlantic Investment Company (University of Mississippi)
  • Tim Faber, Managing Partner, Faber Products (University of South Carolina)
  • Bill Frerking, Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, Georgia-Pacific (University of Missouri)
  • Brian Henley, Executive Vice President of Corporate Development and Mergers, Magnitude Software (University of Arkansas)
  • Rhonda Holt, Principal Executive and Vice President of Engineering and Operations, TrustedCare (University of Florida)
  • Jamie Leddin, Founder, Wedgewood Group (University of Kentucky)
  • Jake Rohn, Founder, Capiche (University of Georgia)
  • David Stevens, Founder, Accredo Health (University of Tennessee)
  • Chris Valletta, Co-Founder, Mission Athletecare (Texas A&M University)
  • Rick Wolfert, Vice Chairman of Commercial Finance, CIT Group (Louisiana State University)